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With EarthLink Home Internet, you’ll enjoy reliable and secure, high-speed internet free of any data caps.  Provide your whole house with a speedy and safe internet connection perfect for everything from streaming and gaming to working from home.

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High-Speed Reliable Internet With No Data Caps!

EarthLink Internet Plans As Fast As 1 Gbps

In today’s digital world, a fast and reliable internet connection is a must-have. EarthLink Internet provides connections as fast as 5 Gigs, perfect for heavy downloads, video streaming, video conferencing, and more. Plus, EarthLink is more than just an internet provider. With a home internet plan, you also have access to a suite of amazing services.

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Fiber-Optic Internet

On our fiber-optic plans, we provide a dedicated for each home or business, allowing for lightning-fast speeds. Fiber optic networks allow for an insanely speedy connection, that never will slow down at peak times. This also means your internet connection experiences significantly fewer outages or data drops. Fiber-optic internet is the ultimate way to experience the internet, and is perfect for online gaming, video conferencing, work from home, or other data-intensive tasks!

Cable Internet

We also offer cable internet services, which provide solid and reliable speeds to our customers at an affordable cost. Our cable internet system can deliver speeds of 500+ Mbps, which is great for streaming, gaming, videoconferencing, and much more! Plus, we will never throttle your data speeds or impose a hard limit data cap like many other large providers. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a steady network connection that keeps their whole home or business connected.

Security Features

An internet provider’s digital security is a huge consideration for any home or business, and we’ve got you more than covered! We offer a wide variety of security and privacy options to ensure your online experience is always safe and secure. Our Earthlink Guardian service is aimed at keeping the children in your house safe from any malicious sites or malware, as well as having parental site and screen-time controls. We also offer Earthlink Protect, which is fully equipped to keep your personal information completely secure while online shopping or banking.

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