EarthLink EasyTech

EarthLink EasyTech

Unlimited Virtual Support for All Your Home Tech

Remote Tech Support

We all love our tech…but are you worried your computer might have a virus? Even the smartest tech and the most advanced devices can fail or frustrate us.

Sadly, sometimes our tech gets glitchy and freezes up. What do you do when this happens? Avoid the hassle of DIYing a solution while you juggle all of your other daily tasks. Instead, you can get support within minutes or schedule a more convenient time. We take the worry out of all your tech support needs. A solution that gives you unlimited remote advice and aid for whatever tech is troubling you.

EasyTech is EarthLink’s exclusive resource for tech support. We are dedicated to supporting ALL your tech needs, no matter where or when you bought it.

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Supported Devices

The Solution To Your Troubleshooting Needs

With EasyTech, you get the knowledge and service of EarthLink’s team of experts to guide you easily step-by-step through device issues, problems with streaming or updating software and many more solutions to your every tech issue.

Our team even has the ability with your permission to remotely gain access to your device and make the fix themselves, so you don’t have to worry about it. Using remote technology support enables you to access troubleshooting solutions from your home office quickly and easy to limit disruption. The fix to your technology troubles is just a few clicks away – try EasyTech today!

Setup Process

Get Unlimited Support

There’s no limit to how many devices you can get support for each month. Get your whole family covered for any tech issue, with no upfront fees!

EarthLink’s EasyTech is a safe, secure, convenient and completely remote tech resource. Ensure you and your family stay connected without issue with unlimited home support.

Get the ultimate solution – for home tech support!

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