Does EarthLink Have Data Caps?

No data caps with Earthlink Internet

The internet has been getting used more and more by individuals and families over the past 30 years, and that usage dramatically increased in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our daily lives. Overall network usage has increased over 20% since 2020, with certain activities like real-time video and voice increased more than 200%.

The internet has become an essential utility heavily integrated with our daily lives, especially for remote school or work users. 61% of homes have added new work-at-home or study-at-home users and with use increasing so much, data caps limiting your daily internet use is especially troublesome.

Does EarthLink have data caps?

EarthLink never imposes data caps or throttling – meaning unlimited internet at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

No more monitoring your data and limiting the amount of time you spend gaming, streaming movies, video conferencing, or just surfing the web. We want our customers to focus on the things they love to do online – not watching data amount wither away. 

What Are Data Caps?

No Data caps with EarthLink

Data caps are limits on your online activity that internet companies put in place. They restrict how much data you can use from your home internet. That means everything you do – streaming, downloading, uploading, online gaming, emailing and video calling – is affected by data caps, no matter what device you’re using.

Providers impose these caps to control your internet use and prevent you from using at a level they deem to be “too much”. When you hit the limit, your provider then reduces your internet speed which greatly damages your usability, and they could even charge you extra for the data you use beyond the data cap limit as well.

Companies claim this is to keep pricing and user access stable, but everyone uses the internet differently and limiting how effectively users can utilize the internet for their work, their learning or even their entertainment is an especially difficult thing to deal with given how essential the internet is now.

Data Usage



So how much data does the average person need each month? If you have a limit on monthly data then you can burn through that very quickly, especially with the increased use of video calling, online gaming and HD/4K streaming. When you also include how much you’ll need for music streaming, file transfers, cloud backups and even more, you’ll start to see how quickly you’ll get to whatever that data cap is.

If you’re currently under a provider that imposes data caps, you should be able to contact customer support or online user dashboards to help you track usage. How month specific data you use each month really depends on the user’s own habits, but without the restrictions that come from data caps, you can freely Zoom, binge shows, stream albums or podcasts and even game online without fear of reaching any data limit.

Enjoy Internet Without Limits

Many providers offer high internet speeds but limit how much of the speed you can use. These caps can run anywhere from 10-250 GB, but once you hit that limit – you either slow way down or get charged extra. Once speed gets throttled, shows, videos and music may stop, lose quality or even get stuck in the dreaded “buffer zone” of never-ending loading.

EarthLink imposes absolutely NO data caps, NO throttling so you’ll never experience slowdowns or shutoffs. EarthLink offers plans starting at $49.95 with speeds up to 1 Gbps. All plans of course include no caps, teaser rates and are bundle-free. Get unlimited access to internet at the fastest speeds with EarthLink!

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