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Affordable high-speed internet to provide your whole home with a secure, speedy connection. Provide your whole house with a fully protected Internet signal, complete with Norton LifeLock to keep your devices virus-free and operating smoothly.

Save Big On Home Internet When You Choose EarthLink!

EarthLink Webmail

-Automated Spam + Malware Protection

-Manage up to 8 Email Addresses

-10 Anonymous Email Address

24/7 EarthLink Support

-Live Chat Support

-Phone Support Line

-FAQ Support Site

EarthLink Portal

-Custom HomePage

-Curated Content

-Safe and Secure Home Page

My EarthLink

-Easy Online Bill Pay

-Plan Management

-Accessible Account Services

No Data Caps or Throttling

Tired of you Internet service provider capping your data usage, or slowing down your service speed during peak times? EarthLink offers fully uncapped data usage with absolutely no speed throttling. Each house or business is provided with its own connection, so you never have to compete with others for a high-speed connection. Stop overpaying for an Internet service that limits you and switch to EarthLink Internet today.

Additional Security Options





EarthLink Protect vs EarthLink Protect+

EarthLink Protect


EarthLink Protect+


Norton Device Security

Number of Devices

EarthLink Protect –


EarthLink Protect+ –


Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware Protection

EarthLink Protect –

EarthLink Protect+ –

Online Threat Protection

EarthLink Protect –

EarthLink Protect+ –

Cloud Backup

EarthLink Protect –

50 GB

EarthLink Protect+ –

100 GB

Norton Online Privacy

Secure VPN

EarthLink Protect –

5 devices

EarthLink Protect+ –

10 devices

PC SafeCam

EarthLink Protect –

EarthLink Protect+ –

Identity Theft Protection

Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock

EarthLink Protect –

EarthLink Protect+ –

LifeLock Identity Alert™ System

EarthLink Protect –

EarthLink Protect+ –

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